PROCJAM 2018 is running from October 20th 2018 at 11:00 AM to October 29th 2018 at 12:00 PM NZST. 

What is procjam?

#procjam is a jam about making generative software – computer programs that make things when you run them, like art, music, games, stories, wallpapers, recipes, poetry or anything else you can think of. @ 2/10/2018

You can start before the start date, and finish after the end date.

You can use existing code/art/writing/anything or even continue an existing project. Feel free to add something generative to a game you’re making and submit that!

We welcome all kinds of submissions. No entry is too small or too big for this jam. Whether this is your first generator of your hundredth, we welcome what you’ve made, and we all want to see it.

PROCJAM has no winners and no losers. We try to highlight and celebrate all our entries, and everyone who enters will get featured in Jupiter Hadley’s YouTube compilation of the jam! @ 2/10/2018

My Submission

Initial Concept Project

I used my dynamic cuboid terrain to create this procedurally generated terrain, for a pixel style rpg, adventure/fantasy game.

The terrain is a heightmap which is generated using Perlin Noise and is stored as a 2D array of floats. The cubes that are generated are then mapped onto a point in the heightmap and as the player moves, some points get loaded in from the heightmap onto the cubes and other points get removed. This resulted in the functionality below:

However it would be hard to make a decent procedurally generated rpg in a short amount of time so I switched things up a bit.

The terrain made a pretty convincing wave, so I tested out using semi-transparent blue cubes, ground underneath that and linear terrain shift. This is what it looked like:

From here the idea was to either make a game similar in genre to Galaga or Raiden, or make an endless deathmatch arena style game.

Beta v0.3.0 Release

Download here

Press V to switch between modes

Camera/Movement Modes:

Translational Orthographic:


  • WASD movement
  • Mouse to aim
  • Left click to fire
  • 0,1,2 to change ammo

Rotating Perspective:


  • WS – Movement
  • AD – Rotation
  • Mouse to aim
  • Left click to fire
  • 0,1,2 to change ammo

v0.4.0 Enemy Test Release


Press Escape to pause, game auto pauses when you are below 0 hp and take damage (no death mechanic) and can be resumed after taking lethal damage.


0 – Shell

Fire a shell horizontally. If aimed at an enemy it will aim for their centre of mass otherwise it will aim for 1 metre above the surface of the water.

1 – Homing Missile

Tracks and homes in on the target if an enemy is being hovered over by the mouse when it is fired. Otherwise behaves like a shell with a thruster on it.

2 – Torpedo

Glides along the surface of the water.

Wave System

At the end of each wave the game will randomly decide to increase the difficulty in one of three ways:

  • Increased enemy hp
  • Increased enemy damage
  • An additional enemy



This little bad boy hovers at a stationary position and shoots at you.

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