Discord News Bot

Corn Snake


Command Prefix – %

helpDisplays help info and commands
last <feed>Display the last post from a certain feed
feedsDisplays the available feeds
feedshereDisplays the feeds that each channel on this server is using
addfeed <feed>Adds a feed to the current channel
addfeeds <feed1> [feed2, …]Adds multiple feeds to the current channel
hereFind the id of the current channel and the server id
purge <n>Delete the last n messages
sendpendingForces the bot to send the new pending update messages. *
saveForces the bot to save and backup. *
checkfeedsManually causes the bot to check for new updates. *

 * Implemented for development and testing purposes, will eventually be removed

News Feeds



Permissions/Roles have not been fully implemented yet. Until then the bot will require users to have a role labelled “Mod” to use any commands and this will grant the user access to all commands.

Invite The Bot

Click invite to invite the bot to your server.

Then select your server in the dropdown box, and click Authorize.

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